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Swamp Rock/Funk/Blues Guitar Riffs & Licks Vol. 1

This course includes real-time clips of my performance playing along with slow-time clips breaking the material down further. The player lets you further slow things down even more...

I also include the TAB for riffs/licks and backing track in Key of E.

These all work very well over E and are interchangeable to mix and match and really make them your own!

You can also download any section or resources to your PC, phone or other devices...

Sample Riffs/Licks

Backing Tracks To Accompany Courses

I always provide good quality backing tracks to use in practice of your particular chosen course.

Guitar Riffs & Licks

I always provide accurate GUITAR TAB for any Riffs & Licks accompanying course videos

Chord Diagrams/Progressions

I always provide accurate quality chord inversions based on the course with quality diagrams.

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